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What we do?

Educational equipment

provide the educational equipment for school children of remote area


Conduct the environment cleaning program with public  awareness

Computer Traning

Provide the computer training for school children of remote area

Progress Report

Progress Report of SaBiNe: The following are the achievements of the projects/programmes run by SaBiNe:
  • Due to the toilet and improved stove in every home, the environment of the village is improving gradually.
  • The villagers are encouraged to participate in the development work of the nation.
  • The surroundings of the schools, rest houses, roads and paths have neat and clean environment.
  • The problems of the eye and lung diseases are gradually eradicating.
  • SaBiNe has received adequate support and cooperation from the responsible concerning organizations.
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About Us

SaBiNe is a service oriented social organization which was legally founded and registered in 2065 BS (2009 AD) under the law and act of Nepal government. This organization was established for the entire development of rural and urban community. This organization has conducted various projects in Timal area of Kavre District in cooperation and collaboration...

Our Future Plan

News & Events

2017 Sep 2 Sat

Project/Programme Conducted by SaBiNe


Sathsathai Netherlands started the project of making toilets, improved stoves, solar power, micro finance scheme for women and Adult Learning Centre i

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2017 Sep 2 Sat

The area of the project/programme run by SaBiNe


The project of making toilets and smokeless improved stoves has been already completed in 6 VDC of Timal : Mechchhe, Chapakhori, Narayansthan, Bolde,

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2017 Sep 2 Sat

The People in Privilege from the Programme of SaBiNe


The people of the 6 VDCs, 18403 women and 19916 men in total 38319 people of Timal area are directly privileged from the project of SaBiNe in regards

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