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Project/Programme Conducted by SaBiNe

Sathsathai Netherlands started the project of making toilets, improved stoves, solar power, micro finance scheme for women and Adult Learning Centre in Thulo Parsel. The same project had been started in the other VDCs of Timal which was the scheme of Sathsathai Netherlands. For this, Sathsathai Netherlands had provided the necessary fund. Out of all the project of Sathsathai Netherlands, the project of making toilets and improved stoves had been already completed in Chapakhori, Narayansthan, Mechchhe, Saramthali and Sarsyukharka VDCs of Timal area.

According to the agreement made between Sathsathai Netherlands and SaBiNe 186 toilets, 653 improved stoves have been already made in Timal area. Similarly in 2066 BS, 600 toilets and 600 improved stoves, in 2067 BS 1200 toilets and 1200 improved stoves, again in the year 2068 1200 toilets and 1200 improved stoves  have been made. Thus the project was completed in 2 phases. Due to all the houses having toilets and improved stoves, the schools, the roads, public buildings of Timal area have gradually become neat and clean. Hence, Kavre is the first model district of Bagmati Zone that was declared Open Defecation Free Zone.