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About Us

SaBiNe is a service oriented social organization which was legally founded and registered in 2065 BS (2009 AD) under the law and act of Nepal government. This organization was established for the entire development of rural and urban community. This organization has conducted various projects in Timal area of Kavre District in cooperation and collaboration with the various NGOs and INGOs. Some examples of the projects run by this organization in Timal area are: making of toilets and modernized improved stoves in about 4354 houses, conducting public awareness training and programmes in the various places in Timal for 3 years. Hence, this organization was established with the purpose to provide full support in making of a prosperous Nepal utilizing the local and rural resources, conducting various programmes regarding the education, health, drinking water, transportation, income generation and skill development. Though it is newly founded organization, it has already played a vital role working in collaboration with various NGOs and INGOs for the upliftment of the back warded society in Timal area of Kavre. Hence, it will be able to win the trust of the NGOs and INGOs for the other vital projects in the future. Toilets and Improved Stove Making Project in 6 VDCs of Timal area has come to the end and the environment of Timal is neat and clean. So that, Timal area is already declared Open Defecation Free Zone. For the same, in the first phase, this organization was working in collaboration with the NGOs and INGOs in Chapakhori, Narayansthan, Bolde and Saramthali VDCs and in the second phase it worked in Mechchhe and Sarsyukharka.

Our Mission

For the entire development of the society the objectives of SaBiNe are as follows: -This organization is non-profit social organization. -To bring special programme to uplift and empower the youth of back warded ethnic groups and Dalits so that Nepal will develop proportionately. - To run job and skill oriented training programmes in the  various VDCs. -To cooperate with the NGOs and INGOs for the development programmes of the nation. -To run public awareness programmes for the social development. -To cooperate with NGOs, INGOs in the programme regarding the education, health, drinking water and sanitation. -Te.o run the awareness programme to prevent and protect the street children from the drug abus


To uplift the life standard of the back warded society of the remote villages, this organization in collaboration and cooperation with the various NGOs and INGOs has completed the project within 2069 BS. Now SaBiNe will have the following programmes in:

-To conduct the Public Awareness Programme for the back warded community of the village.

-To continue the project of making toilets and improved stoves for the neat and clean environment of the village.

-To make effort for the support for the availability of the basic needs of human beings:   Health, Education, Drinking water, Transportation, Electricity and skill oriented  trainings.

-To make effort to increase the income of the Timal people encouraging them to  involve in various types of profession like modernized land cultivation, Poultry farming, animal husbandry, business etc and making effort for loans in low rate of interest from the various NGOs and INGOs.

-To bring the schemes of rain water harvesting in the tanks and ponds to avoid the    problem of lack of water in dry season.

-To create the fund for the success of Sanitation Campaign in Timal.