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Sathsathai Netherlands and Sathsathai Bikas Nepal

The first agreement was made between Sathsathai Netherland and Sathsathai Bikas Nepal in 2004 AD. The agreement paper was signed by Tanja Kruk and Ben Kruk, President and executive member respectively, on behalf of Sathsathai Netherlands and on behalf of SaBiNe, Tasbir Tamang, Palsang Tamang, Sattar Singh Tamang and President of Thulo Parsel Youth Club Mim Bahadur Lama had signed in the agreement paper for making toilets, improved stoves and managing solar power all over Thulo Parsel VDC. The residents of Thulo Parsel VDC are really grateful to those persons who signed and brought the project into a success in spite of a very critical circumstance of the Maoist People’s War. Now the residents of Thulo Parsel VDC are really happy for what they have today: the toilets, improved stoves, electricity, Adult Learning Centre, micro finance scheme for women, Library and skill development project. The credit goes to Tanja Kruk, Ben Kruk and Annette Sins of Sathsathai Netherlands who worked hard for the sake of Timal people without having any personal advantage for themselves. SaBiNe was very proud of having Sathsathai Netherlands as its coworker and look for more support in the future for working hand in hand for the sake of Timal for the development of Nepal.