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SaBiNe was founded in 2065 BS and there are 7 executive members and 5 advisors. The executive committee members and advisors supervise the action of the plan of the organization in various villages in the 6 VDCs. Sathsathai Netherlands provided the financial support and the representative of Sathsathai Netherlands Mr. Palsang Tamang and executive committee members of SaBiNe Mr. Sattar Singh Tamang monitored the action and progress of the project. In the other hand the advisors also provided the necessary suggestions for the betterment of the action. The representative of the Sathsathai Netherlands Mr. Palsang Tamang sent monthly report to Tanja Kruk, the President so that the Sathsathai Netherlands became more responsible for the success of the project and provided financial support.

In the first phase, the project of making toilets and improved stoves was taking place in the 3 VDCs of Timal: Chapakhori, Bolde and Narayansthan. The govt of Nepal also supervised and monitored the action of the project and gave necessary advice. It was the proud of Timal people that when the other 3 VDCs also had toilets and improved stoves in every home, then all the 6 VDCs were declared Open Defecation Free Zone. This declaration will play encouraging role for the campaign  for making entire Kavre District the Open Defecation Free Zone within 2015 AD. Though the project received the financial support from the Sathsathai Netherlands, it was the responsibility of the Government of Nepal to monitor and to make the actions continuous and sustainable.

SaBiNe hopes to get full support from all the concerning organizations including DDC, Intellectuals, Consumers, Local social organizations, VDC drinking water and sanitation coordinating committee and NGOs/INGOs to prepare the map of VDCs, to print the posters and pamphlets, to prepare notice boards, to manage the field visit of the representatives etc so that the project will end with a great success. So we must have a slogan: Let’s Make our Village neat and clean. For this we have to always heartily welcome our supporter/financier.